Alejandro Perez Contreras

“Most competitors’ products do not allow for the following:”

–          Retain your critically important bolt catch

–          Bolt holdback on last round

–          Clear double feed malfunctions seamlessly

–          Doesn’t scratch your upper receiver

–          Magazine changes as fast as the OEM magazine / button release

–          No permanent install of the locking solution or modifications to your rifle

–          Back to OEM configuration in 5 minutes

–          No ongoing adjustments ever needed

–          Components do not bend or break

–          100% CA DOJ compliant

–          Functions reliably 100% of the time


  1. AR MAGLOCK kits do NOT require REMOVAL of the BOLT CATCH, as many other products do. Removing your bolt catch is SERIOUSLY dangerous as the shooter has no way of clearing a double feed malfunction. Removal of these kit is out of the question, as you shouldn’t hammering on your rifle to remove the roll pin with live rounds in the chamber. Or, you need two people, one person must hold the rifle and charging handle back while the other digs rounds out of the chamber.
  2. AR MAGLOCK is NOT a permanently installed kit as most other products are. AR MAGLOCK allows for easy removal of the kit during a firing malfunction (double feed), thus eliminating the risk of harm when clearing of the firing chamber.
    1. Removability for firing malfunctions. Most other systems including permanently installed kits, plunger systems built into the lower receiver and stripper clips don’t allow for the kit to be removed or have an easy process for clearing malfunctions, as the bolt carrier group is locked back in the buffer tube, thus “locking” the system up.
    2. Many of the large OEM’s such as Daniel Defense, Springfield Armory and others have voiced this concern, so AR MAGLOCK solved it by integrating a one screw install / removal system that allows the shooter to disassemble and reassemble in less than 5 minutes with the supplied hex wrench, no other system has this feature.
  3. AR MAGLOCK allows the shooter to re-insert a magazine while the upper and lowers receivers (the action) are closed or open, allowing for SIGNIFICANTLY faster magazine changes. Some competitors’ products ONLY allow the shooter to re-insert a magazine while the action is in the open state, slowing you down CONSIDERABLY.
  4. AR MAGLOCK has a specifically designed arm that allows for clearance of the ejection port / dust cover, which means the shooter doesn’t have to close the cover before closing the action to continue firing. Other systems won’t allow the upper receiver to close until the ejection port / dust cover is manually closed, causing even slower operation.
  5. AR MAGLOCK does not scratch your upper receiver with an adjustment screw or a levered wedge as some products do, it sits flush with the upper receiver thus applying no inward pressure on the anodized coating when opening and closing the receivers.
  6. AR MAGLOCK is mil-spec A8625, Type III class 2 hard coat anodized, which is the military specification for aluminum coatings in the field of battle, and perfectly matches your mil-spec upper and lower receiver combinations. Many other competitors cut corners on this process, resulting in a semi-gloss product which doesn’t match the consumers upper / lower receiver combination on their valuable rifles.
  7. AR MAGLOCK kits are compatible with a wide range of takedown pin solutions, from the standard tacticool rear takedown pin (with a knurled head for excellent grip in all weather conditions) to our top of the line KingPin.
  8. AR MAGLOCK has finger knurling for excellent grip in any and all weather conditions, unlike other products.
  9. Our design and engineering are second to none, combining full featured functionality, durability and aesthetics to bring you a solution that is comparable in a class of itself. We have designed the AR MAGLOCK to cater to the most demanding firearms enthusiasts. We are SUPREMELY confident shooters will find AR MAGLOCK SUPERIOR in every way to any other product on the market. We encourage you to try other products but know you will opt for the AR MAGLOCK as the PREMIUM solution for fixed magazine systems.
  10. NOTICE: We have identified copy-cat and knock-off products in the marketplace. The AR MAGLOCK is covered by U.S. Patent No. 8,756,845. AR MAGLOCK is THE ONLY licensed device under this patent. Selling or installing ANY other device which utilizes an arm contacting upper receiver, and which prevents the magazine from being removed unless the upper receiver is removed from the lower receiver, infringes this patent, is in violation of U.S. patent laws, and will be pursued and prosecuted as such.