Please refer to our installation videos and the instructions on your packaging.



  1. After installation of the ARMagLock the button is loose in the lower, to the degree that the magazine can be removed without separating the upper and lower receiver and pushing the button.
  2. It should be tight enough
    that the magazine catch bar keeps magazines from being pulled out even with
    force, just like an OEM magazine catch. Tighten
    the cap screw until the desired fit is acquired.
  3. After installation of the ARMagLock the button is tight in the lower, to the degree that the lip is jamming between the upper and lower receivers when attempting to close them.
  1. It should be tightened to the point that the magazine catch bar holds magazine
    in place but not so tight it jams the upper bar between the upper and lower. If
    the required tightness for magazine retention continues to place the upper bar
    between the upper and lower receives when attempting to close, remove a few
    thousands of an
    inch (with a
    Dremel, light file or sand paper) off of the upper edge.

Continue until the upper lip is flush with the upper receiver when closed.

  1. If your upper and lower receivers are MIL-SPEC the ARMagLock will work.
  2. How do I make the install permanent for use in states such as
    New York?
  3. A: Some states require the compliance solution be made permanent. Loctite (red) or epoxy the Allen bolt into the standoff (threaded barrel tube), and lightly drilling the bolt head facets with a 1/8″ drill bit until the socket teeth are rounded. The bolt can still be removed by grinding but will no longer be usable. A new one can be sent upon request. This solution will meet some states permanence requirements. Note: Firearm will not retain magazines until a replacement magazine catch solution is re-installed.


Standard Method of Operation:

NEVER use this product outside the standard method of operation as it will cause the rifle
to no longer be in compliance and you risk arrest. Additionally, unsafe and unintended methods of operation
of the FIREARM may also cause non-compliance. Always use the firearm and AR MAGLOCK products as designed,
engineered and intended for use.

  1. After depletion of your 10 round magazine, you must hit the bolt catch release to bring the bolt ‘home’.
  2. Switch the Safety selector to ‘Safe’.
  3. Depending on the rear takedown pin you are using either pull the pin (Tacticool pin) or actuate the pin to disengage the receivers (KingPin & Hyperswitch).
  4. Open the receivers to the maximum limit of the pin capabilities.
  5. Press the AR MAGLOCK magazine release button.
  6. Replace the empty magazine with a new 10 round magazine and let it ‘click’ into place.
  7. Close the receivers back together and re-engage the rear takedown pin.
  8. Switch the Safety selector to ‘Fire’.
  9. Charge the handle.
  10. Enjoy…

NEVER attempt to cycle the bolt carrier group (manually or otherwise) or fire a round with the action open (receivers separated), as this may cause serious injury or death AND potentially make your rifle non-compliant with laws and regulations!

Operation of an AR-15 without the receivers / action fully closed may result in serious injuries or death.

Operation of any AR MAGLOCK products outside the standard method of operation or it’s original intended use may cause non-compliance to laws / regulations, and injury or death. 


Firing Malfunctions:

All it takes is one out of spec cartridge that the extractor fails to grab leaving the cartridge behind in the chamber, going back then forward and pushing a fresh round against the cartridge left behind and you have the dreaded double feed where everything locks up.

To clear, get the bolt to move back by removing the floor plate of the magazine, remove the spring and follower followed by the rounds in the magazine and the 2nd round should drop out.

We have heard reports these malfunctions often happened with Wolf, Tula, and Brown Bear ammo. They are not as likely to happen with premium ammo yet the chance is still there. We have also seen similar malfunctions in a sandy environment using military spec ammo with a dirty, gummed up weapon.

  1. We STRONGLY encourage all users to ONLY run premium ammunition through their firearm at all times.
    2. We STRONGLY encourage all users keep their rifles clean and oiled properly for the most effective and trouble free use of the ARMagLock solution.
    3. We STRONGLY encourage all users to always use the new PMAG magazine or some other 10 round magazine solution with a removable floor plate. This will allow for easy removal of the magazine contents and clearing of the chamber.
    4. If you have not used a removable floor plate magazine, at your own risk you can remove the castle nut and buffer assembly to slide out the bolt carrier group and then have direct access to the stuck rounds. We do NOT advocate this method, execute at your own risk with no legal liability on the part of Evolusion Concepts, Inc.
    5. If a misfire and/or jam occurs, you have not adhered to our suggestions above. If you don’t have the knowledge to clear the firearm safely we suggest asking the Range Safety Officer, or taking your firearm to a certified gunsmith / armorer to remove and clear the malfunction, in addition to properly lubricating your firearm and installing a 10 round magazine solution with a removable floor plate.