AR MAGLOCK Buffer Receiver Stop (BRS) – Minimal Receiver Opening kit


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AR MAGLOCK BRS – For Gen 1, and Gen 3 standard full action opening systems, not using the KingPin.

Introduced by AR MAGLOCK at 2018 SHOT show, now available!

The AR MAGLOCK BRS allows for minimal separation (action disassembly) of the upper and lower receivers. It’s an awesome combination when used with the Hyperswitch or Gen 1 and Gen 3 kits with the standard pull pin. Basically it holds the upper receiver from flying open when disassembling the action.

Just a simple replacement of your buffer and you now have a cool minimal opening receiver set.

BRS is the same weight as all standard OEM buffers for AR-15 rifles.

BRS is patent pending.

AR MAGLOCK products are 100% California legal and DOJ compliant, guaranteed.

Live Fire Demo with BRS Installed:

Live fire operation of BRS with Hyperswitch:


Note: If you are running the KingPin or Dual Function Pin solutions this kit is not needed.
Note: May not work with ALL bolt carrier groups (BCG’s), but will work on most Mil-Spec BCG’s.
Note: You’ll only be able to clear double feeds if you have an AR MAGLOCK Gen 2 locking arm. With Gen 1 locking arms you will be required to remove both takedown pins.

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